About ErrLog.IO

Simple Error Logging, Simple Error Reporting, Hopefully Simple Bug Fixes

ErrLog.IO is a hosted error logging and reporting platform for .Net and JavaScript - a single portal that collects your errors, categorizes them, and helps you get to the bottom problems and issues within your application or systems.

For Developers. By Developers.

ErrLog.IO installs via a Nuget package or JavaScript snippet, and sends errors in realtime to our platform for collection and reporting.

Why we built this?

ErrLog.IO is built by the team behind Kutamo - an online meeting management platform.

We've spent years using various reporting systems, and just wanted something fast, simple and efficient. And so we built our own!

Who are we?

ErrLog.IO is predominantly developed by a team of developers who need to track more bugs than they really should, probably due to a lack of caffeine and sleep.

Matthew Proctor Matthew Proctor
Founder & Developer

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Mike Sanders Mike Sanders
Developer & JavaScript Expert

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Alastair Bateman Alastair Bateman
Developer & Azure Wrangler

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Kutamo Studios

We all work at Kutamo Studios, an Application & Web Development group in Melbourne, Australia. Learn more at Kutamo Studios

What else do we do?

We've also built a meeting management tool, called Kutamo.

Learn more about Kutamo here and our team