Integrations are activities that are triggered after a rule's parameters are met, for each and every new error that is logged and sent to ErrLog.IO

A number of external integration options are available, including:

Send to Email
Send to SMS
Slack Integration
Slack Integration
Trello Integration
Trello Integration


Creating a new ErrLog.IO Integration


Creating a New Integration

To create a new integration, simply complete the form on the new integration page, using the options described below.

Option Details
Type This is the type of integration - typically the activity that will be performed, such as sending an email, an SMS or posting a Webhook. Integration types are listed in more detail below.
Destination The destination is typically the recipient of the action, such as an email address, a mobile or cell number, or the URL of a webhook.
Payload The payload is the actual human-readable message that will be sent - typically in the body of an email or SMS, or as a string of content to a webhook. The payload can contain one or more variables, detailed on the payload variables overview. Variables are replaced with appropriate error data.


Integration Types

Type Details
Send an Email This integration will simply send the payload message to the specified email addresses.
Send an SMS This integration will simply send the payload message to the specified mobile or cell numbers as an SMS. Please be aware that a cost of USD$0.06 is charged per 160 characters sent.
Send a Webhook This option will submit the payload to the specified URL in the form of a webhook.
Trello Email to Card Using Trello's Email to Card option, a new Trello card will be created with the payload as the card title, and with the error details in the card body.
Slack Webhook This option will send the payload message to a nominated Slack channel using Slack's Custom Integration options.


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