Rules and Integrations
Rules and Integrations are tools that allow you to create a rule based on specific error content or parameters, which then trigger an integration, such as sending an email or an SMS.
 How Rules Work
Rules can be configured to perform actions based on a number of parameters, including error source and keyword matching within errors and stack traces.
An integration can also be triggered, such as to send an Email, SMS or a Webhook.
A rule can be triggered by a keyword or an error being raised in a specific filename.
 Rule Options
To create a new rule, complete the form on the new rules page, using the options described below.
Option Details
Description The description is an arbitrary string used to describe your new rule. It is only used for display purposes.
Keyword A keyword used to match against an error to ultimately trigger an integration.
Filename An integration will be triggered if an error is generated from a specified filename.
Rule Active A flag that determines whether this rule is active or not. Rules can be disabled temporarily using this option.
Actions & Integrations - (These options specify what action is taken if a new error log matches this rule.)
Close Error The rule will be automatically closed.
Delete Error The rule will be automatically deleted. Errors can't be un-deleted.
Set Priority The priority of the error will be set as specified.
Run Integration A specific integration will be activiated for the error that was logged.


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